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It's about time you feel confident in front of the camera so you can't wait to show off your final images because they capture your true personalities and bond. I am a photographer who focuses on connections. A new mama comforting the older sibling, a dad’s first time seeing his daughter in her wedding gown, a child’s laugh when playing tag.

life is unscripted,

shouldn't your photos and videos be as well?

Give me your crazy (or reserved), wild (or cuddly), laughing (or crying) family (and/or dogs/cats) & I will turn it into paused moments in time to forever admire.

When I ‘took’ the job as a photographer/videographer, I never realized the invisible clause in the job description. “Capturer & Keeper of Time”. As years have past, I have grown to see how precious time and those moments in life are. I don't take any of this for granted.

Beyond excited that you are here!

Hello, i'm andi

"Infinite Productions was awesome to work with. They were so fun to be around on our day! They were willing to adapt when needed and worked great with our photographer."

~ Elizabeth S

An obsession with color and a deep love of light, you may find yourself daydreaming to be part of my next client session.

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