Let me forever pause those moments for you!

When I ‘took’ the job as a photographer/videographer, I never realized the invisible clause in the job description. “Capturer & Keeper of Time”. As years have past, I have grown to see how precious time and those moments in life are.

The greatest compliment is shooting a couple’s wedding and a few years later, photographing their newborn baby. I love to see my clients through their most precious life moments and all those unscripted connections. 

Am I right?

Time goes by too fast

Any moment, Any occasion, I AM YOUR GAL! I will be there to document it all. From the BEST DAY EVER, to when ‘how can something so small change my life so much’ and all those stages in-between.

I love to focus on connections. A new mama comforting the older sibling, a dad’s first time seeing his daughter in her wedding gown, a child’s laugh when playing tag. Life is unscripted. Shouldn’t your photos/videos be as well?!

EVERYDAY is reason enough!

Many people feel that photos & videos are reserved for monumental TIMES… weddings, birthdays, Christmas. I am here to tell you that you don’t need a reason or special occasion (even though those BIG occasions are my favorite!).

i’m andi

Oh hey there,

Aside from being a color obsessed photographer/videographer… who am I? Basically, I’m just a kitty loving mom and wife, who loves human interaction and adventure (Yes, I am a true enneagram 7). My husband, Andrew and I have been married for over 13 years. Starting out meeting at the University of Nebraska (fraternity/sorority sweethearts), Andrew used his magic to draw me into the country living and we built our life out in rural Nebraska. We have four kiddos (Yes, we are CRAZY!) and if you ask me, I would have many more! (Andrew is more than happy with 4!) They keep us on our toes and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

With four kids, it is definitely not a walk in the park but we believe the journey and experience along the way will have a better impact than the final destination. Our marriage has also become stronger with each new undertaking and I love doing life with this crazy bunch.

After filming my Brother’s wedding in 2013, with a Handycam I might add (YIKES!), I felt like I was onto something. After a lot of praying, research, classes, & investing into some awesome gear, we kicked off
Infinite Productions in 2014 doing wedding films. In 2018, I felt the push to start into photography as well. And man, what a ride it has been!

I started small & simple and are still that. Carefully selecting my clients, projects & weekends. After filming over 175 weddings, multiple commercials and projects, and now adding in photography, I feel that I have an amazing hold on my Craft and love incorporating unique techniques & ideas into each and every photo and film.

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We love to take on projects and travel adventures

~ Tara E.

"Amazing! My video of my wedding day turned out amazing and I cried more while watching the video then I did during the wedding. Andi and Andrew are fantastic to work with!"






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