Dance Works
Kearney, NE // Commercial video

Dance has always been a part of my life.

From me taking class as a little girl to now my daughter taking class, it has been a consistent, well loved activity. When Dance Works approached me about an idea, I had to run with it. Showing the journey of a small girl to an advanced dancer and all the recital events in-between, this video brought back all-the-feels for anyone ever involved in this creative art.

Dance Works

A love for dance is just that - a love for dance! It's not just about mirrored walls, fancy shoes, cute costumes and a hardwood floor. It's about the people on the floor. It's about creating something for everyone to enjoy. It's taking the nervous hand of a new student and watching them transition into a confident performer. It's about trying, laughing and succeeding. It's about Passion! Creativty! and Dance!

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