Cross Diamond Cattle Co.
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Growing up in Nebraska, I have little knowledge about cattle!

Ranching plays a big role in this State, and I have had a great time learning about it. Scott Ford from Cross Diamond Cattle Company runs an amazing ranch south of Bertrand NE in the hills and contacted me to to do some promo videos, showing exactly what goes on at a ranch.

My first experience was a bull sale. Now this is no ordinary bull sale! Cross Diamond sells bulls across the country and they sure know how to put a sale on. Lots of action and noise brought in ranchers from all over.

The second film was in the spring during branding season. It was so cool to see the old school process of the branding. It was like watching a western film with the cowboys swinging their ropes in the air and releasing them to catch the caves. What an experience!

Cross Diamond Cattle Co.

Cross Diamond Cattle Company is a Red Angus seedstock operation located in south central Nebraska. They're dedicated to raising top-quality Red Angus genetics, along with unsurpassed customer service to cattlemen and women throughout the nation. Cross Diamond Cattle Co's goal is to serve the commercial cattle industry through problem-free genetics and to help the men and women in the industry through their service programs.

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